Introduction to FINTECH 2017/2018

FINTECH (Financial Technology) is a new branch in the IT business that aims at applying newest technologies in the financial services sector. While conventional financial institutions have strived for years to introduce new solutions, FINTECH companies aim to revolutionize banking and other financial services.

FINTECH products are built upon such technologies as Big Data, social network analysis, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence. For instance, there exist in the US pay-day-loan companies that assign credit rating to clients based solely on their Facebook data. Such algorithms were also patented by Facebook itself in 2014.

During the lecture, we will discuss the key trends in FINTECH revolution and we will work through multiple examples of successful FINTECH stories. A particular attention will be paid to business and regulatory aspects of FINTECH solutions.


  1. Introduction to FINTECH. Chosen succesful technologies from the global market.
  2. Key technologies used in FINTECH solutions.
  3. Economic and business aspects of FINTECH.
  4. Social networks and P2P networks & FINTECH
  5. Technologies for personal finance management
  6. Virtual currencies – construction, functioning, strategic analysis
  7. Money laundering and terrorism financing
  8. Cybersecurity of FINTECH
  9. Ethics in FINTECH
  10. FINTECH in social applications.